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I arrived on the planet in rural Kent near London in the Winter of 1952. 
My English father met my Italian mother in wartime Italy where he diffused mines and she worked for the Italian resistance. 
I grew up as part of the flower power generation. It was a fantastic privilege to be around London in 1967, just ten minutes walk from the local blues club where bands like Led Zepplin, Fleetwood Mac and Canned Heat were regular visitors.
I have lived in many cities and countries, done the hippy trail to India and once camped out in the Australian desert for three months - an awesome and life changing experience.
I write both poetry and lyrics but 'Circle of Dreams' was the first to be put to music by my long suffering wife and fellow traveller Helen Hill, once a red headed firebrand, now a source of joy and good cooking.
I adore music, in particular Blues and Rock of all genres.
I have been particularly influenced by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. I also love Melanie Safka, Steve Nicks and Annie Lennox to name but a few.